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Bounty Hunter Guide Service
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Crystal Coast Inshore and Nearshore Fishing Charters with Captain Will Jones

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Address: 105 Noreaster Ln, Beaufort, NC 28516

Cape Lookout Inshore Fishing
1/2 Day: $400
3/4 Day: $500
Full Day: $600

     These trips are usually 1/2 or 3/4 day trips because of the tides.  When the water is low, it is difficult or impossible to fish the shallow waters.  We can leave early in the morning, as usual, or schedule departure to catch the higher end of the incoming and outgoing tide to maximize your time on the flats.  We will be flexible in working the details out in advance.  Fish available on these trips will be the usual suspects: Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, Sharks and Jack Crevalle.

Cape Lookout Nearshore Fishing
1/2 Day: $400
3/4 Day: $550
Full Day: $650

    We offer 1/2 days for Nearshore Fishing, but recommend at least the 3/4 day for the full experience, greater range and maximum chance of finding incredible fishing.  On a half day, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Flounder, Gray trout, Black Sea Bass and Sharks will be our usual guests.  On a 3/4 day, more options open up and Cobia, False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, Red Drum, Amberjacks, King Mackerel and other large bounty become more readily available.  A full day offers the greatest range and the greatest chance to find what you came for.  You may find yourself 15 or more miles from the inlet! The same fish that are available on a three quarter day trip are even easier to find and play with on a long fishing adventure!

Neuse River Monster Red Drum (Aug.-Sept.)
5 hour: $500
Full Day: $700

     This fishery is one of the most exciting that North Carolina has to offer.  The Pamlico Sound and Lower Neuse River is home to the largest redfish in the world...  NC produces monster red drum (world record caught out of Hatteras was 94 pounds!!!).  The reason this adventure is only available as a 5hr or full day is because of the time involved in finding these behemoths.  These magnificent fish are a fish of a lifetime and we can usually put multiple in the boat in a day of fishing for them!

False Albacore Fly/Light Tackle Blitz (Oct.-Nov.)
5 hour: $500
Full Day: $700

     The legendary Cape Lookout "Albie" blitz is a very exciting experience!  These fish rush the beach in the fall in search of schools of baitfish that are flushing in and out of the inlet on the big tides.  Predominantly northerly wind in the fall at the coast and our southern facing beaches mean we have great protection from the wind and can run after these amazing fish almost every day in the fall. 
     Throw your fly or jig into the blitzing fish and get bit at 30mph and you'll know why people come from all over the country to experience the blitz.  Fly fisherman are welcome to bring their own gear or use what we have in inventory.  Be ready to fish hard and cast quickly! Sometimes these fish make us look like heroes and sometimes like zeros! Every day chasing these fish is fun. Come see what its all about!

For All Trips:

  • All rates are for up to 2 anglers. Any additional anglers are $25 per person.
  • $150 deposit to book a trip
  • 1/2 day ~ 4 hours
  • 3/4 day ~ 6 hours
  • Full day ~ 8+ hours
  • Actual time on the water depends on the day and how the fishing goes. Captain Will is known for staying out longer than planned if the fishing is hot or if we're looking for that one last fish! 
  • If weather or emergency pushes us off the water early, a deal will be worked out.  We are very fair and would not want to have our customers waste their money. 
  • The captain reserves the right to cancel due to weather.  The Captain will not take clients out in weather he knows will totally impair our ability to do what we set out to do, and he will definitely not risk your safety.  
  • Deposits will be refunded if customer cancels three weeks or more before the trip.
  • If you should decide to cancel within three weeks of the scheduled trip, you will not be refunded your deposit, unless we can find someone to fill your spot.